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a custom permanent jewelry & boutique ear + nose piercing experience

serving eastern north carolina, the lowcountry, pennsylvania & beyond


beauty - fortified

I'm so happy you're here! I'm Kayleigh, wife to Tyler and mama ​to two crazy boys! And Owner of Engle Permanent Co. a little ​small bizz doing permanent jewelry & boutique ear + nose ​piercing wherever my heart goes. You can catch me in eastern, nc ​(because I live here), the lowcountry (because I can't stay away), ​and pennsylvania (because that is home) & beyond... well, ​because I like to travel. I have 2 golden retrievers, a house that is ​always being decorated & a main gig that allows me to work ​from home wherever the military sends us.

I started this business because there was a need for something ​like it in the area, and most importantly because I wanted to link ​up (pun intended) with new people and have meaningful ​conversations while creating something beautiful with them.

Let's link up to create something beautiful, one-of-a-kind and ​permanent to you. You'll catch me around town at pop-ups but ​let's also book a private party for you and your friends, ​bachelorette party, office party, bridal party to link you to your ​best friends or a family get together.

beauty - fortified

A unique experience and one of a kind experience pulled together with your ​personal style, vibe and desires all linked up in one.

The permanent ​Jewelry ​experience.

A custom to you - piece of jewelry. Your ​choice of metal, fit & design to match your ​lifestyle and vibe that is low maintenance ​and with you forever, ever.

Offering a one-of-a-kind public pop-up ​event at boutiques, breweries, salons and ​beyond or private party experience in the ​comfort of your own space.


Bringing the boutique ear + nose piercing ​experience to the coast of eastern north ​carolina, we’re excited to offer this service at ​boutiques, breweries, salons, and beyond - ​as well as a private party experience for your ​closest friends & family.

Using an FDA approved hand-pressured ​device with sterile single use percings on ​site!

Our Promise.

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A Unique, ​Fun Experie​nce

Give a detailed description of the ​service being provided here.

Safe Quality Materials, ​Always

We only use the best materials for both ​perma​nent jewelry & piercing.

Custom one-of-a-kind ​piece​s + piercings

Custom to you jewelry pieces, and a custom ​mapped out piercing experience for your ear ​cura​tion.

Diamond Crystal Gemstone

An Experience You’ll Tell ​Yo​ur Friends About

We want to ensure your experience is ​exceptiona​l, each and every time


Permanent Jewelry

Bracelets Start At: $50

Anklets Start At: $60

Necklaces Start At: $95

Boutique Ear + Nose Piercing

One Piercing: $50

Two Piercings: $80

Private Parties

FREE! Only a $50 refundable deposit to ​hold the date!

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